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Muhammadiyah Youth PP Rejects KPU Fraud Issues and 'People Power'

The ranks of the Muhammadiyah Youth Leaders came to the Central KPU office to provide moral support.   They were accepted by one of the Ind...

The ranks of the Muhammadiyah Youth Leaders came to the Central KPU office to provide moral support. They were accepted by one of the Indonesian KPU commissioners, Mas Pramono.
In the process, the public reported several cases of fraud that occurred at the lowest level, ranging from the alleged addition of votes, doubts about the neutrality of the organizers, to incorrect input of data on the KPU calculation system.
Muhammadiyah Youth PP regrets that some of these cases were generalized and made an excuse to delegitimize the election organizers. whereas most reports of alleged violations have been addressed and resolved by the organizers. Generalization of these cases to reject the election results is clearly a form of error in democracy.
In fact, there was a campaign of excessive protest over the elections that ran until the birth of the "People Power" plan. This issue is nothing but a form of provocation to invite public anger, considering that the organizers have held elections in accordance with existing mechanisms and rules.
Dissatisfaction and protest over allegations of fraud that are often echoed should be able to be resolved in accordance with available democratic mechanisms.
Responding to this, PP Pemuda Muhammadiyah expressed the following attitude:
1. Appreciating the performance of election organizers, among others, the KPU and Bawaslu for working hard to ensure elections with integrity.
2. Rejecting the issue of fraud in a structured, systematic and massive manner as is often echoed to the public by the organizers.
3. Supporting the KPU and Bawaslu that have held elections accordingly and in line with the constitution.
4. Appealing to the public to patiently wait for the official vote count results carried out by the KPU, because only the results of the KPU are legal and legally recognized.
5. Refusing the issue of People Power. This issue is merely a form of provocation to invite public anger to reject and delegitimize the results of the election and ask all parties who are not satisfied with the results of the General Election to take a constitutional path.

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