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Din Syamsuddin: An Outrageous Leader Will Carry Prolonged Disasters

Based on the constitution, the principle of election is honest, fair, transparent and accountable.   Then the KPU as the organizer must ens...

Based on the constitution, the principle of election is honest, fair, transparent and accountable. Then the KPU as the organizer must ensure that the vote counting process and outcome determination are based on this principle, especially honest and fair.
"If the KPU is not honest and fair, then the 2019 Election or Presidential Election will experience constitutional defects," said the Chairperson of the MUI Advisory Council, Prof.M. Din Syamsuddin, Tuesday (30/4).
Clearly, Din, various reports or complaints about fraud must be put down, ie verified or clarified.
"If the fraud report is not proven then it is a slander, but if it is proven that there is fraud then it is a disaster or disaster in our national life," said the former Chairman of PP Muhammadiyah.
"Leaders who appear with slander will cause sustained slander, and leaders who appear with fraudulent disasters will bring prolonged disaster to the nation and the state," continued Din.
To the entire nation's extended family, continued Din, the struggle for the throne has created a cross between our disputes. So do not let the cross of the dispute break the brotherhood. Let's cross the dispute honestly and fairly, and don't lie.
Finally, Din quoted the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad which was narrated by Bukhari and Muslim priests. "Alaikum bi al-shidqi fainna al-shidqa in ila al-birr wa al-birr yahyah ila al-jannah, wa iyyakum wa al-kadziba fa inna al-kadziba in ila al-fujuri wa al-fujur in ila al-nar "
That is, uphold honesty (and justice), because honesty and justice bring truth and truth to deliver to heaven. Avoid lies (including cheating) because lies and cheating bring evil and evil to hell.

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